Notion Dashboard for YouTube Content

Meet your new YouTube content hub — beautifully organized, easily accessible

The Notion YouTube dashboard template bundle makes it easier than ever to launch and grow your YouTube channel, plan and publish your content, and keep everything organized in one convenient spot.

NEW! Based on your feedback, I've upgraded this template bundle.

Choose between 2 versions of the YouTube dashboard: Basic and Premium.

The Basic YouTube Dashboard ($9) includes...

  • 🗓 A minimalist content calendar solution for all your YouTube content
  • 📽 2 templates for YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts with pre-publication tasks built in
  • 💸 Expense tracking so you can see how much you spent on equipment, ads, and more for each video
  • 📊 Analytics tracker that lets you store analytics data — including impressions, watch time, clicks, and more — for your own channel as well as your competitors'
  • 📚 Extra Notion resources to help you spruce up your dashboard and make it your own!

💡 Best for: Content creators looking for an easy-to-use, minimalist YouTube dashboard Notion template

The Premium YouTube Dashboard ($29) includes...

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • 🔑 Keywords database where you can track SEO keywords and performance
  • ✅ Tasks database where you can track tasks related to content creation, campaign launches, influencer marketing, and more
  • 👥 Partners database where you can track outreach, store contact information of influencers, and track collaborative campaigns and content
  • 📈 Custom Google Data Studio report that lets you see your analytics data in real time, right in Notion!

💡 Best for: Content creators and marketers who need more visibility across their campaigns, content, tasks, and partnerships

💳 Refund policy

Because this is a digital product, refunds are not available. Please read the product description carefully before purchasing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

❓ FAQs and support

If you're new to Notion and you're not sure how something works, please check out one of these guides before reaching out with questions:

  • Notion for Beginners: This blog post covers everything you need to know as a Notion newbie
  • 28 Notion Tips & Tricks: My favorite Notion hacks for making aesthetic setups and making Notion work for me
  • My Notion tutorials: Step-by-step walkthroughs for setting up Notion dashboards that make blog and brand management 10x easier
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A bundle of Notion templates for planning your YouTube content, tracking expenses, and more

2 video templates for videos and Shorts
Expense tracking
Analytics tracking
Extra Notion resources
Updated 2022
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Notion Dashboard for YouTube Content

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